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Interested in all things technology with a passion for analog, design, audio, and anything that sparks creativity and imagination.

  1. Getting the number of signatures from iPetitions (in XML)

    iPetitions is a free service that allows anyone to create an online petition and distribute a link for people to virtually sign it. To date their website claims they have collected over 25 million signatures collectively across their petitions. At work there was a need to take the number of…

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  2. Query

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  3. Heartbleed Explanation (via xkcd)

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  4. Ohm's Law and How to Never Forget It.

    One of those things you have to learn when you're in the Audio industry (and many others) is the Ohm's Law. Yes, that annoying pie chart that looks like a jumble of letters and math equations: It's pretty simple really, to find the Wattage, Current, or Voltage of something,…

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  5. Google Authenticator and Why You Should Use It

    Google is one of those tech companies who put out a ton of a ton of great services and applications. Their claims of fame include Search (obviously), Gmail, Drive (formally Docs), Maps, Voice, and Picasa. One of their lessor known, but perhaps most valuable and unsung hero of Google's offerings…

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  6. Pushover Notifications

    There are only a handful of apps that I can't live without, let alone I would blog about for free (but if Superblock wants to throw some stickers my way, I'll put them in good places :)). One of them is Pushover. Pushover is a simple notifications app that allows you…

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  7. Script All the Things!

    I'm a big fan of scripting. I'm not talking about PHP or Javascript, however I am a fan of those too and may cover them in future posts, but this one is about batch scripting in Windows. What's so great about batch scripting? Lots of things! It saves me trouble…

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  8. Adventures of a Biamp System Designer part 1

    One of my many hats at work I wear is the the "Biamp Engineer" (as I call it) or the "Biamp guy" to everyone else. I design, troubleshoot, install, and maintain 15 different Biamp audio systems on our campus. I love working with our Biamp systems: there are literally a…

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