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Interested in all things technology with a passion for analog, design, audio, and anything that sparks creativity and imagination.

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  1. Controlling Polycom cameras with microphones

    At work I maintain classrooms outfitted with equipment for video conferencing for mainly distance education. These rooms can be quite complex with multiple cameras, video monitors, and audio and video routing that would make you dizzy. One of the challenges we face is maintaining a free flowing educational environment for…

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  2. Sound Thinking (Biamp): The Coolness of AEC

    "The Coolness of AEC", Justin O'Conner from Biamp: AEC’s benefits can be difficult to quantify. “Improved communication: $3” does not appear on a financial statement. Yes it is expensive and when it's all setup and running the client will ask where the additional expense went as everything sounds…

    Audio, AV

  3. It's all about perceived value.... and margins

    Marques Brownlee says it best: The more people think your product is worth, the more they'll pay for it. If all you care about is the fashion statement then get a pair of Beats by Dre heaphones, but if what you care about is actual sound quality, durability, or frequency…


  4. Ohm's Law and How to Never Forget It.

    One of those things you have to learn when you're in the Audio industry (and many others) is the Ohm's Law. Yes, that annoying pie chart that looks like a jumble of letters and math equations: It's pretty simple really, to find the Wattage, Current, or Voltage of something,…

    Amateur Radio, Audio, Electronics

  5. Adventures of a Biamp System Designer part 1

    One of my many hats at work I wear is the the "Biamp Engineer" (as I call it) or the "Biamp guy" to everyone else. I design, troubleshoot, install, and maintain 15 different Biamp audio systems on our campus. I love working with our Biamp systems: there are literally a…

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