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Interested in all things technology with a passion for analog, design, audio, and anything that sparks creativity and imagination.

Tag: DIY

  1. Monitoring your Sump Pump with Home Assistant

    (If you are visiting this page on a mobile device and having an issue seeing the pictures, click here to visit the non-amp version) With thunderstorm season upon us, I thought it would be fitting to talk about monitoring sump pumps. When I purchased my house one of the first…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome, Alerts, DIY

  2. The biggest problem with the Hue Dimmer Switch and how to fix it!

    The Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch is probably the best accessory for your Phillips Hue Lighting. It lets anyone adjust the lighting in the room (including recalling scenes) without having to use the app. It's super convenient, especially in bedrooms. There's one major flaw though... As nice as it is that…

    Home Automation, SmartHome, Phillips Hue, DIY