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Tag: Scripting

  1. Bring your Webex status into Home Assistant

    (If you are visiting this page on a mobile device and having an issue seeing the pictures, click here to visit the non-amp version) If you have been working from home like me since the start of March 2020, you have come to rely on tools like Webex Teams, Microsoft…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, Work From Home, Working From Home, Scripting

  2. Control the Shure MXA910 and MXA310 Microphones with PowerShell

    If you don't know about Shure's MicroFlex Advance series of microphones, they have taken the AV and conferencing industries by storm creating the best in-class ceiling and table top microphone technology along with asthetics that fit into nearly any space. Even with on-going litigation by ClearOne, Shure is still creating…

    Audio, AV, Code, Scripting

  3. Controlling Belkin Wemo lighting with a Logitech Harmony IR Remote

    Recently I've found myself dabbling in some basic home automation for lighting and control. I've had pretty decent success with the Belkin Wemo line of products and more recently I've enjoyed using their light bulbs on their Wemo Link platform. Here's my problem: I have these Wemo controlled LED light…

    Code, Scripting, Home Automation, HTPC

  4. Pushover Notifications

    There are only a handful of apps that I can't live without, let alone I would blog about for free (but if Superblock wants to throw some stickers my way, I'll put them in good places :)). One of them is Pushover. Pushover is a simple notifications app that allows you…

    Alerts, Apps, Code, Monitoring, Notifications, Scripting

  5. Script All the Things!

    I'm a big fan of scripting. I'm not talking about PHP or Javascript, however I am a fan of those too and may cover them in future posts, but this one is about batch scripting in Windows. What's so great about batch scripting? Lots of things! It saves me trouble…

    IIS, Scripting, Windows