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Tag: Working From Home

  1. Don't get Zoom Bombed! Change these settings in Zoom now!

    With the coronavirus forcing all of us to practice social distancing and forcing us to work from home and learn from home more and more companies are flocking to services like Zoom to stay connected and keep operations and learning going without needing to gather in places together. Unfortunately, bad…

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  2. How to Survive Working from Home: Web Conferencing and Collaboration

    Throughout my career working with professional audio and video as well as IT, I've worn a few different hats including being a web conferencing administrator. I've worked in both higher education (online learning, etc) as well as corporate and my best practices and advice are both the same no matter…

    COVID-19, Coronavirus, How-To, Getting Started, Troubleshooting, Working From Home, Work From Home, Web Conferencing, Zoom, WebEx, Collaboration, UC

  3. How to Survive Working from Home: Your Environment

    With the on-going pandemic situation due to Coronavirus COVID-19 many schools and businesses are shutting their doors requiring many employees to work from home (where possible). Obviously not everyone is fortunate to have a profession that can allow a work from home situation and many people working individuals have never…

    How-To, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Working From Home, Work From Home