Those that know me are well aware that I'm a huge fan of Leatherman multitools. I will never leave the house without one nor will I never be far away from one if I'm not wearing one on my hip or in my pocket. I have more Leathermans than I care to count and I have them scattered throughout my life including most rooms in the house, the garage, the basement, my car... you can never have too many Leathermans. I even give them as gifts! Because everyone should have a quality tool they can depend on no matter what.

Leatherman redesigned their nylon sheaths a few years back using a single snap closure rather than the thicker velcro closure nylon sheath. I liked the leather snap closure sheaths, but over time they wore out and did not look very nice in an office or professional setting. I really like the new nylon snap closure sheaths and they have held up really well for me, but these sheaths are sold as belt loop only. There is no way to easily take them on and off without removing your belt first.

Prior to the 2020 shift to working from home, I used to EDC a Leatherman Charge out and about. The Charge remains my favorite every day multitool to date (although if you are reading this and you don't own a Leatherman I would recommend the Wave for the first timers.). Long story short- because my attire change to casual clothing while working from home. I've struggled to find an easy way to carry my Leatherman and my favorite flashlight for the sheath. Simply put, I don't like leaving the sheath on my belt all the time and when I want to put it on, it's kind of a process to take the belt off and slip it on. I've always wanted some form of a clip for it so it can be easy on/easy off. On the left below is what the sheath comes standard from Leatherman. On the right is my modified sheath with the added belt clip.

Regular sheath on the left, my modified sheath on the right

If you want to add a clip to your Leatherman Nylon Sheath, here's how you do it:

I found this spring clip on Amazon marketed for gun holsters and it was the perfect size.

Holster Clip

Taking a look at the Leatherman nylon sheath, it's a really rugged ballistic nylon design that has two layers sandwiched together, I noticed that these were stitched together and not glued because mine had developed some bubbling in the flap area. It became a matter of removing the belt loop using an XActo knife and creating a slit that the back of the clip can slide down into. Then using the awl of one of my leathermans, creating a hole for the screws to thread into the threaded backing nuts. Here's a crude sketch of how it fits together:
Sketch of the sheath construction and fitting a clip into the back
Make sure to use a lighter to melt the Nylon threads that came up from the cutting prior to fitting the clip in place. Tighten the screws and you should have a very solid fitment with little play.

Here are some photos of the finished modification. I couldn't be more happy with it.

Next to another sheath with a Leatherman Supertool 300 inside

And Yes! You can still add a bit kit card to the rear elastic pocket without any issue!

This is now the perfect sheath. I hope one day Leatherman comes out with one that allows for both belt loop and clip carry.

I know many would probably ask "Why not just use the pocket clip on the Charge?" I prefer to keep my pockets free for other items, but also carrying a flashlight with my Leatherman is critical for my work. The side pocket on this sheath is perfect for it. I use a Streamlight Microstream USB and I would absolutely recommend it. It's a perfect companion and is very easy to access from the sheath in a dark situation.