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Tag: Alerts

  1. Notification when a Windows Media Center Recording starts using Home Assistant

    I'm a long time user (and believer) in Windows Media Center as the primary method to consume Cable TV. Coupled with a cable card tuner such as the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME you can create a fantastic, flexible user and stable Cable TV experience with Windows 7 and Windows Media Center.…

    Home Assistant, HTPC, SmartHome, Home Automation, Alerts

  2. Leveraging Home Assistant During Severe Weather

    Let's take a look at how I started to use the alerts monitored condition of the Weather Underground component in Home Assistant. I remember when this functionality was first included in Home Assistant. I was very excited to have this additional data point in Home Assistant because unless I was…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome, Weather, Notifications, Alerts

  3. Pushover Notifications

    There are only a handful of apps that I can't live without, let alone I would blog about for free (but if Superblock wants to throw some stickers my way, I'll put them in good places :)). One of them is Pushover. Pushover is a simple notifications app that allows you…

    Alerts, Apps, Code, Monitoring, Notifications, Scripting