Brent Saltzman

Interested in all things technology with a passion for analog, design, audio, and anything that sparks creativity and imagination.


  1. Notification when a Windows Media Center Recording starts using Home Assistant

    I'm a long time user (and believer) in Windows Media Center as the primary method to consume Cable TV. Coupled with a cable card tuner such as the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME you can create a fantastic, flexible user and stable Cable TV experience with Windows 7 and Windows Media Center.…

    Home Assistant, HTPC, SmartHome, Home Automation, Alerts

  2. Controlling Belkin Wemo lighting with a Logitech Harmony IR Remote

    Recently I've found myself dabbling in some basic home automation for lighting and control. I've had pretty decent success with the Belkin Wemo line of products and more recently I've enjoyed using their light bulbs on their Wemo Link platform. Here's my problem: I have these Wemo controlled LED light…

    Code, Scripting, Home Automation, HTPC