If you're finding yourself on Ticketmaster's website waiting for Taylor Swift concert tickets and the website says you're 2000+, like below:

If you're curious about what your actual place in line is, read further.

Ticketmaster's website does a few client-side obfuscations of the data it receives over web requests. Using your browser's developer tools, you can look at the web requests and see the raw payload.

Launch the Web Inspector for the Ticketmaster site, navigate to the Network tab, start the Recorder, and wait for the website to make some requests. Look for the status endpoint responses and open them up to inspect the payload. Click on the "preview" tab for a pretty print of the data and expand the ticket array.

Some of my personal particulars have been blurred for privacy.

Look for usersInLineAheadOfYou and you will see how many people are in front of you.

The webpage checks every few seconds and receives a new status response back, so keep checking those new web requests for where your new position in the queue is.