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Tag: SmartHome

  1. Leveraging Home Assistant During Severe Weather

    Let's take a look at how I started to use the alerts monitored condition of the Weather Underground component in Home Assistant. I remember when this functionality was first included in Home Assistant. I was very excited to have this additional data point in Home Assistant because unless I was…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome, Weather, Notifications, Alerts

  2. Sending Channel Combination Commands with the Harmony Hub in Home Assistant

    With the Harmony Remote Component in Home Assistant, it makes it possible to send commands to devices controlled by your Harmony Hub using automations and scripts. Here's a script that will send a series of numbers representing a channel and the "OK" button which on my Windows Media Center PC…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome

  3. Proactive Future Rain Notifications in Home Assistant with Dark Sky

    I hate leaving the house and getting caught in the rain without a rain jacket. I don't check as much as I should before I leave in the morning and even if I watch my local morning news, I'll still probably forget. This is why I made this automation and…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome, Weather

  4. Connecting Amazon Dash Buttons to Home Assistant (via Dasher)

    Amazon recently has been having a number of sales on their Amazon Dash buttons making these little IoT devices able to be picked up for 99 cents. Using a great open source program called Dasher, you can use these buttons to control pretty much anything in Home Assistant (or any…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome, Dash Buttons

  5. Home Assistant Automations based on Solar Elevation Angle

    I use Home Assistant for all of my home automation and control needs. If you haven't heard of Home Assistant, it's pretty awesome and it supports a ton of stuff. One of the neat things you can do on the automation side is control components based on the Sun. The…

    Home Assistant, Home Automation, SmartHome

  6. Make your Doorbell smart for about $27

    I recently became a first time homeowner and like most people I've been allured by the Ring Video Doorbell. Despite the steep price, I have thoroughly considered purchasing one and after plenty of homework I decided that the Ring Doorbell wasn't for me. There are 3 main reasons why I…

    Home Automation, SmartHome, Home Assistant

  7. The biggest problem with the Hue Dimmer Switch and how to fix it!

    The Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch is probably the best accessory for your Phillips Hue Lighting. It lets anyone adjust the lighting in the room (including recalling scenes) without having to use the app. It's super convenient, especially in bedrooms. There's one major flaw though... As nice as it is that…

    Home Automation, SmartHome, Phillips Hue, DIY