The SV3C HD IP Camera on Amazon is really a great deal if you're willing to put up with a little patience when getting it configured (being a pretty basic, likely unsecure network camera) I have one in my garage so I can peak in on the garage door as a sanity check to see if I closed the door or not. I would not suggest you use this camera to watch something more critical (children, etc)

As you might expect for a camera that costs under $50 the documentation is far from perfect. So here are the stream and snapshot URLs for the camera:

http://IP ADDRESS/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=snap&-getpic

RTSP Stream:
rtsp://IP ADDRESS:554/11

Oddly there's no authorization needed, like I said 'likely unsecure".
That's it! Feel free to setup this camera in your favorite NVR of choice or grab a snapshot using cURL.

Super Important! You may want to think twice before allowing external access from the internet to this camera. I would highly, highly recommend you block this camera from reaching the internet on your firewall or router and proxy the images through an Network Video Recorder(NVR) or a Home Automation hub such as Home Assistant.